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"Frances Hellman's kitchen is her laboratory where she delights in cooking up experiments on magnetic materials composed of rare and exotic ingredients" -Eric Niiler, The Joy of Physics

Professor Frances Hellman



Frances Hellman

Ph.D., Applied Physics, Stanford University, 1985
BA, Physics, Dartmouth College, 1978



My research group is concerned with the properties of novel magnetic and superconducting materials especially in thin film form. We use specific heat, magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistivity, and other measurements as a function of temperature in order to test and develop models for materials which challenge our understanding of metallic behavior.

Current research includes: effects of spin on transport and tunneling, including studies of amorphous magnetic semiconductors and spin injection from ferromagnets into Si; finite size effects on magnetic and thermodynamic properties; formation of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in magnetic thin films and effects of the vapor-deposition growth process on the structure of thin film amorphous and crystalline materials.

We also have an extensive effort in development of calorimetry for thin films, small bulk samples, and nano-scale biological systems. We use Si-microfabrication techniques to create membrane-based micro/nanocalorimeters that allow us to measure films weighing micrograms or less from 1-500K and in magnetic fields at present to 8T. We are working with researchers at the national high magnetic field lab to extend the magnetic field range to 45T in steady state and 100T in pulsed fields, and the temperature range to 0.3K.


Hellman Research Group



•Member of the Board of Physics and Astronomy, advisory committee to National Academy of Sciences
•Member of the Solid State Sciences Committee (SSSC), advisory committee to National Academy of Sciences
•Chair of the topical Group on Magnetism (GMAG) of the American Physical Society (APS)
•Former Chair of the Division of Materials Physics (DMP) of APS; Exec Comm
•Member (2002-2005) and Program Chair (2003/2004) of APS Committee on the Status of Women in Physics (CSWP)
•Associate Faculty member of the UCSD Center for Magnetic Recording Research (CMRR)
•Advisory Board for the Los Alamos Neutron Scattering Center
•Program co-chair 1994, program and advisory committees for several MMM (Magnetism and Magnetic Materials) and INTERMAG conferences
•Member of MRS and AVS
•Co-organized 1995 March APS meeting focus sessions on magnetic heterostructures.
•Runs UCSD Physics Dept NSF-REU site program.
•On several San Diego community science boards: the Elementary Institute of Science, an after hours and summer science program for children, the San Diego Education Fund, which funds teacher training for students from under-represented populations, and the San Diego Foundation Science and Technology Working Group which meets monthly and conducts site visits to consider issues and opportunities in the fields of science and technology in San Diego.



•Fellow of the American Physical Society (1997)
•Elected Chair of APS Division of Materials Physics (1997)
•Elected Chair of APS Topical Group in Magnetism and its Applications (2000)
•National Merit Scholar (1974)
•Phi Beta Kappa Dartmouth College (1978)
•IBM Graduate Fellowship (1980-1982)


Spin Electronics- The Science and Technology of Combining Magnetism and SemiconductorsSpin Electronics- The Science and Technology of Combining Magnetism and Semiconductors

Join UCSD's Frances Hellman for a fascinating presentation about semiconducting and magnetic materials and her research into what is called "spin electronics," which strives to use unique combinations of these materials to control electrons.

An Atoms to Xrays Video Archive





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2. Scanning near-field microscope, Betzig, E., Gyorgy, E. M., Hellman, F., Trautman, J., Wolfe, R. Patent number 91,310,415.

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